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CEDAR Essential Oil 15 ml

CEDAR Essential Oil 15 ml Therapeutic Grade
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Cedar (Cedrus) constitutes a genus of Pinnaceous Conifers. They are large trees, of fragrant wood and conical or vertical crown, widely used for decoration of parks. The Cedar is the national tree of Lebanon and its silhouette appears on the flag of this country. Cedar Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation from its wood. In its composition, we find different substances that have numerous medicinal values.

Cedar Essential Oil aroma creates a relaxing, sedative, and balanced environment, which favors reflection. It purifies the air and facilitates deep breathing, thus helping in cases of colds and colds. It is also mucolytic which makes it especially useful for catarrhal conditions and cases of chronic bronchitis. Aphrodisiac properties are also attributed to Cedar Essential Oil, which can be based on the tonic and stimulating action it exerts on the entire body while reducing stress and tension.

Cedar Essential Oil is anti-seborrheic, it is very useful to regularize sebum segregation and reduce inflammation in the skin, it has antiseptic properties that protect the body from different germs, it is anti-spasmodic since it relieves spasms of various diseases, including the airways, muscles, intestines, nerves, and heart.

Cedar Essential Oil l is a natural diuretic, so it is very beneficial to treat diseases such as hypertension, obesity, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, and respiratory tract infections, among others. It stimulates urination, favoring the elimination of toxins, excessive liquid in the body, and excess fat.

People sick with a cold or flu can use Cedar Essential Oil as an expectorant as it eliminates phlegm and infection of the lungs and respiratory tract in general, relieving congestion. It also reduces headaches and eye irritation from this condition, as well as helping you fall asleep.

A very important aspect of this oil is that it works as a sedative. Calms and relaxes the mind relieves anxiety and stress. Moreover, it can be used for patients suffering from insomnia.

MAIN COMPONENTS & TERPENES: Cedrol, cadinene, and other sesquiterpenes and various terpenic hydrocarbons.

WARNINGS: It is contraindicated in cases of pregnancy, hypertension, heart disease, and epilepsy. Do not ingest or apply directly to the skin, dilute previously on a base of neutral vehicle oil or almonds. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucosa. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of hypersensitivity or irritation, stop using immediately. We recommend using this Cedar Essential Oil in an ultrasonic diffuser. 

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