White Sage smudge the perfect tool for spiritual cleansing
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White sage or Salvia Apiana has been used since ancient time by Indian tribes to purify and for spiritual cleansing.

White Sage was burnt in rituals by many tribes like Lakotas, Chumash or Apaches in rituals known as smudging.

Burning white sage offers many benefits like:

Purifying benefits, Salvia Apiana can purify any ambiance.

This sage is antimicrobial and antibacterial.

When burned, Salvia Apiana (white sage) repels insects in a very effective way.

Another benefit of Baja Essences White Sage is that it helps fight anxiety, stress, and improves moods.

The way to use the White Sage is very simple, just light the bunch or smudge and let it burn slowly in a metal or ceramic bowl or incense holder.

After you have burned the Salvia Apiana or White Sage let the smoke dissipate and you will enjoy a very calm and pleasant atmosphere full of positive and balanced energy.
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