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We provide many types of Spa sheets and massage bed covers. blankets and table sheets.
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Fantastic and High-Quality Microfiber Sheets Spa Set
$ 1,095.00
Set of Microfiber Sheets for SPA (Microfibra)
The best way to offer a perfect look in your Spa.

The Baja Essences Microfiber Sheet Spa Set offers the best value for your Spa.

The Set includes 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet, and 1 fitted face cover for face craddle.

Microfiber sheets are the perfect option for Spas. They are made of ultralight materials, they are comfortable, fresh, breathable.

Customer feels the silkiness and luxuriousness of the microfiber during the massage. 

This Microfiber Sheet Spa Set is designed to fit almost any standard massage table.

It does not matter if the massage table edges are round shaped or square.

The Baja Essences Microfiber sheets offer good durability. They can be washed many times and are almost wrinkle free.

You can choose between these colors: cream, grey, navy blue or black.

Measurements:Spa Fitted Sheet 91 cms x 195 cms long and 17 cms socket
Flat Spa Sheet for Massage Bed: 154 cms x 250 cms
Face Craddle Cover for Spa: 33 cms length v 33 cms width x 12 height
Fantastic and High-Quality Microfiber Sheets Spa Set
$ 1,095.00
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