Tibetan Bowls & Holistic Therapies

Baja Essences can supply many healing materials. From Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan bells, Tibetan cymbals, and many Reiki Materials.
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Tibetan bowls are a necessary tool in any Spa. Its sounds help induce relaxation and well-being.
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7 Metals TIBETAN Bell
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Tibetan bowls also known as singing bowls or Tibetan bowls have been used for hundreds of years in Himalayan regions, Our bowls are hand-made in Nepal and contain the characteristic 7-metal alloy of these bowls. The alloy of the Baja Essences Tibetan bowls is bronze and inside it is copper, tin, iron, silver, gold, and nickel. It has ideal size, so you can take it anywhere. This alloy provides the Baja Essences Tibetan bowls with excellent loudness, making them perfect for sound therapy. The sound therapy that is practiced with the Tibetan bowls has different applications and health benefits. These applications have been increasingly studied in the West world since the 1960s And it has been found that among its multiple benefits is sedation of the nervous system, stress relief, and it is effective against depression. Vibrations from a bowl above the patient's back helps relax muscle contractions. They can also lower blood pressure. More and more, the Spas have one or more Tibetan bowls to apply them to their therapies. They are also highly recommended for practicing yoga and for opening and closing meditation sessions. The Baja Essences Tibetan bowl features a wooden mallet for playing and a hand sown pillow to handle it more comfortably. The measures are: Diameter: 10 centimeters Width: 10 centimeters Height: 5.75 centimeters Weight: 500 grams
Tibetan bowls are a necessary tool in any Spa. Its sounds help induce relaxation and well-being.
$ 1,350.00
TIBETAN Bell (7 Metals TIBETAN Bell)

The Baja Essences Tibetan Bell has been made from traditional Tibetan formula of 7 metals.

Its sound helps to focus on mind/body connection and synchronize the brain waves for meditation purposes.

It is normally used in meditation and yoga classes. The Tibetan Bell is an important part of Tibetan Buddhism practices, prayers and rituals.
7 Metals TIBETAN Bell
$ 875.00
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